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Medical, Dental & Vision

Health care costs continue to outpace inflation and will likely continue to increase exponentially. Often medical insurance will be an individual’s most expensive insurance policy, costing much more than your home, auto or life policies. Health insurance is complex, and in the event of an accident, failure to carry appropriate coverage could result in financial ruin. In fact, the primary cause of bankruptcy or foreclosure in the US is unforeseen medical bills. However, despite the great risk, millions of American’s are un-insured.

Conversely, many people are over-insured, paying high premiums for coverage they really don’t need. There are many solutions to the problems individuals and families face, but you need an independent expert who can help you identify your needs and find the appropriate policy. If you are relatively healthy you may qualify for an inexpensive policy that will cover a catastrophic loss and provide the level of coverage you need to protect your family. Many individuals and families are surprised at how affordable an appropriate plan can be.

Individual or family plans are portable, not tied to your employment. This means that your policy is just that, yours! Once you’ve been approved for the policy, you will not be dropped or denied coverage so long as you pay your premium. In addition to your medical plan, we can help you determine if an individual Dental or Vision plan is right for you.

By choosing GFBB Benefits, you will receive individualized and professional advice tailored to your specific needs.


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